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The Talent Passport

The Talent passport is a unique, scientifically based tool for discovering your WORKing talents. You can generate your individual Talent Passport as a person, or you can make a Team Talent passport for a team.

Most online questionnaires measure your competencies, not your talents. Competencies indicate how well you do something. The outcome of measuring competencies, however, is only a snapshot of a particular moment; in other words, it answers the question “Where do I stand now?”

Your Talent passport not only tells you where you stand now but also where your potential lies. The building blocks of your potential are your drives, passions and cognitive styles. Together, these make up your talents.

The talentDNA

Recruiting based on talents instead of diplomas and competencies. Can a match be made between your talents and the specific characteristics of a job? Yes, since recently this is possible!

Further analyses (in collaboration with the University of Antwerp) on the Talentpassport data over the past 10 years have shown that each job has its own characteristic talent scores.

Thus the talentDNA forms an empirical reference to determine to what extent a person's natural potential matches a job. A disruptive approach to hiring and career development.

What we can do for you

Talents are “fertile soil” into which you plant seeds. We have developed specific applications to enable companies and individuals to fully develop their talents. We support coaches and trainers who want to use the Talent Passport in their work by means of training opportunities, learning materials and a Talent Passport Community.

Certification programme
Free introduction

In 3 steps toward fulfilment and success in your job.

    Discover your WORKing talents

    Peter Monsieurs

    This book offers you a unique approach to discovering and working with your WORKing talents, as an individual or as a team. This scientifically based method, developed in cooperation with the University of Antwerp, starts from an original and elucidating consideration of what talent precisely is. Each one of us is unique, and so we all have WORKing talents. Professionals who utilise their WORKing talents will find satisfaction and success in their work and, therefore, excel in a sustainable way.

9 juni 2022

CODE ROOD (Tilburg NL)

HRM-conferentie. Beter matchen met talent en waarde.

28 april 2022

VOV-BEURS 2022 (Nekkerhal te Mechelen)

Op deze beurs introduceren we het talentenDNA. Recruteren op basis van talenten i.p.v. diploma's en competenties.

12 & 13 mei 2020


(Veenendaal NL)

In samenwerking met adviesbureau Langenhuizen & Portier

23 januari 2020


De Montil Moortelstraat 8 Affligem

11 december 2019

Mental Health symposium

Universiteit Utrecht

Looking back

What customers tell us about our Talentpassport workshops and coaching:

I did many different types of tests before. But I never knew that such a core test existed.

In a training on discovering who you are as a professional

This course was a wake-up call for our organization.

In the coaching of a management team in a change process

This has meant a lot to me to gain insight in what really was going on.

In an individual coaching session

They use The Talentpassport


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